CBT is a class of interventions and techniques with wide application and demonstrated efficacy in treating many psychological disorders. By a wide margin, CBT has more evidence from well-controlled research showing that it works for specified disorders than any other treatment. For example, according to a review article in 2001 (Chambless & Ollendick, 2001), approximately 80% of the treatments for specific disorders (for both adults and children) characterized as having research support fall within the CBT class. Hence, CBT predominates among empirically supported treatments (ESTs) for particular disorders, a fact ...[detail]




  • CBT Group of Chinese Society of Psychiatry,Chinese Medical Association

    The group was established in 9th national academic convention of Chinese Society of Psychiatry in Guangzhou 2011.There are 29 members who comes from health system.Its purpose:popularize the application of CBT in the field of medical especially psychiatry,enhance development of CBT in medical industry.

  • CBT Group of Committee of Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Chinese Psychological Society

    The group was established in Nov 2008.It was initiated by Qian Mingyi in 2000 and constituted from student of the behavior group of Chinese-German psychotherapy training program(first phase and second phase) .There are 21 members.Its purose:promote the development of CBT in china.Its goal:promote the professionalization of CBT in china.

  • CBT Committee of China Association for Mental Health

    Cognitive Behavior Theraty(CBT) was fully supported by evidence of the current international psychological treatments. The establishment of CBT Committee made Chinese CBT to be a national organization in second-leveld.